Ghost in the machine. I want to touch my MacBook Pro.

Must touch the screen. I must!

Must touch the screen. I must!

It happened again.

An alert went off on my computer and my hand reflexively reached up towards the screen to silence it.

I stopped myself, as I realized that my MacBook Pro does not have a touch screen.

While I avoided adding another smudged fingerprint to my collection of errant touch-my-screen attempts, my aborted impulse revealed a long standing desire – for a touch screen MacBook.

Mind you, this is a brand new machine.

I got it less than a month ago, but it’s got no touch screen.

When I heard that the Pixel, the new Chromebook by Google had one, I was miffed.

The Pixel has a touchscreen

The Pixel has me hating on my MacBook Pro. Damn Chromebooks!





The thought was incomprehensible.

Pangs of jealously racked me.

The sensation was unbearable.

Another alert went off on my laptop.

In my blind rage, I jammed my finger into the screen – again.

Will I never learn?

My rage gave pause to a temporary moment of reflection.

How is it that the greatest tech company in the world doesn’t have a touch screen laptop?

But upstart new jack entrants to the game and booty throwaway device manufacturers do?

Sure, there are other Windows based touchscreen laptops.

But who wants some third party laptop by Lenovo or a Dell?

Yeah, the Surface is like a touch screen laptop.

But it’s an inelegant and clunky Windows tablet (with a keyboard).

Surface Pro

The Surface Pro has me hating my MacBook Pro. Damn Surface!

And who the hell wants that buggy piece of crap (aka not-a-Mac)?

No one, that’s who.

The fact that lesser device makers have touchscreen laptops in the market never seemed to bother me before.

But an Android notebook running Chrome and Google’s suite of integrated apps?

That’s gotten under my skin.

I mean reeeaaally Apple?

What’s so hard about adding a touch screen to your line of laptops?

If an old school NEC POS machine can have a keyboard and a touch screen, why can’t I?

C'mon Apple! Even dinosaurs have touch screens.

C’mon Apple! Even dinosaurs have touch screens.

If Acer can make a touch screen laptop – ACER! – why can’t you?

And I know I’m not the only one with this desire.

I’ve seen mad other people stupidly jamming fingers into screens desperately trying to depress untouchable icons.

In this new fangled world of smartphones and tablets, touch and gesturing has become a norm.

People are used to touching screens.

Everywhere you turn, there are touchable screens: MTA, Redbox, ATM machines (and the aforementioned booty throwaway machines).

Why then, are our MacBooks still stuck in the stone ages?

Free our screens, damn it!

I demand it!

Apple, don’t let Steve Jobs’ stubborn shortsightedness rule you from beyond the grave.

Tim Cook, grow some cojones and stop living in a dead man’s shadow.

Think for yourself!

Know ye this: I shall not buy another MacBook unless and until said MacBook includes a touchscreen.

There. I said it.

Now make it so!


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3 responses to “Ghost in the machine. I want to touch my MacBook Pro.

  1. I’m being forced to look away from Mac to run audio and dj software on a large touchscreen. The fact that Apple has not entered this market proves again their attitude that the consumer follows them, not vice versa, and by consumer I mean the prosumer users that saved their bacon in the bad times.


  2. bugs181

    Well said. But a few points are in order. You know me…

    First, I’d almost, likely, probably, forsuredly never get a Chromebook. Oh, sure – they’re nice and fancy and completely bare bones minimal OS. Nothing to screw up. Perfect for those people that do EVERYTHING on the web, seeing as how there is almost no desktop UI except the launcher. In fact, before Chromebook and Web OS’s became available I had a linux kernel compiled with a Firefox front-end (before I fell in love with Chrome).

    But for me, I gotta have a desktop. Lots of windows, terminals, and fancy menus for me to make me feel complete. Second, I’m not quite sure if Mac has support for those additive USB touchscreens but I know Winblowz does. That would be something to try out.

    Last I checked, you can pick those up for around $20 or $30. Sure, it takes away from the sleek slimline Mac Pro, but hey – we have touchscreen now! Basically acts as a USB HID device and works fairly well. Another option for desktop Macs is to just buy a touchscreen monitor.

    I bought an LCD touchscreen for AutoCAD’ing and it plugs into USB, then VGA (they have HDMI as well) into the PC or laptop ports. But alas, I understand your point. Mac SHOULD definitely have come out with touchscreens in the last generation of their Macs.

    Apple’s customers shouldn’t even have to ask. And indeed you are right, almost all other devices are touch capable now – why is Apple falling behind? Could this be the result of no Jobs or perhaps bad leadership from whomever is trying to fill his shoes? Hmmm. mesa ponders. As always, good write up. Love your blog! (I’m still alive.)


    • Levi, I’m with you. Sure, you CAN get a kit and build your own touchscreen laptop (reconfigure your laptop to accept touch screen inputs), but who wants to go through all the trouble of doing that AND then have a less than pristine machine?

      No. I don’t want a Chromebook. No. I don’t want some crappy Windows machine. No. I don’t want a self-help touchscreen.

      I want Apple to make the damn thing already!


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