Facebook, you’re slipping. An Infographic.

As articles start piling up on how little Facebook really means to people anymore, I felt it apropos to share a little project I’ve been working on for a week.

One of my friends really digs infographics, so as a way of enticing them to read my blogs, I’ve dedicate this post to an infographic on Facebook.

More specifically, I’ve created an infographic on the types of people on Facebook.

Now my survey isn’t really all that comprehensive, and I’m sure there are loads more weirdos on Facebook I could stereotype, but I think I’ve captured quite of few that will resonate with you.


What kind of Facebooker are you?


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2 responses to “Facebook, you’re slipping. An Infographic.

  1. Hey There Stephenchukumba,
    Thanks for that, I know that my boyfriend is on facebook. He says that he isnt but he slipped up and sent me a photo some time ago and I asked him where he got it from and he said it was sent from a facebook acct. HE SLIPPED UP. The prob is, I cannot find him on it at all, i search him using his whole name and nick names I cannot locate him..any tips for how i can break the fb code and check out his page..

    Good Job!


    • Kitty,

      A few things.

      I’m not sure why you want to find your boyfriend on Facebook. Is it because you think he’s having an inappropriate Facebook relationship with someone? Is it because you think he’s leading some sort of double-life that involves Facebook. Or is it because you simply don’t trust him. If it’s any of the former, your best bet is to just break up with him and keep it moving. Facebook shouldn’t be capable of coming between you and your boyfriend, and if it is/does, then something is seriously wrong with your relationship and discovering that he’s been lying to you isn’t going to help at all.

      Now that I’ve given you my relationship advice, here’s what you need to do to figure out whether he’s got a secret account or not. Some of this stuff involves being a sneak, so be sure that you want to go down this road, because you’re violating the tenets of trust that any good relationship is built upon.

      1. Create an alias. You need to be able to troll the internet as someone other than yourself. I’d suggest creating two accounts, one male and one female. Make sure that you use features about him to make it appear that it’s someone he could have gone to grade school, high school or college with. Use similar home towns (or surrounding towns), former places of employment or other touch points to make a friend request more likely to be accepted.

      2. Friend his friends. Use your female alias to befriend his known guy friends. Use the male alias to befriend his known female friends and be sure to target his ex-girlfriends. Make sure that you also try to friend as many people as possible beyond his known circle of friends, so that you can build a legitimate profile before sending a friend request to any of his friends. Make sure that neither of these aliases have anything to do with you, because once they sniff you out, it’s unlikely that they’re going to accept your friend request.

      3. Check out his phone. If you can get it and get into it, see what apps he’s got on his phone. You’re assuming he’s on Facebook because he sent you a picture that was on Facebook. It’s very easy to grab an image from anywhere online, especially Facebook if the account doesn’t have privacy protections in place. He may legitimately NOT be on Facebook, but using some other app to get his virtual flirt on (if he’s engaged in any bad behavior at all).

      If you’re really serious about determining whether he’s been on Facebook, the best thing to do is to get geeky and track his activity on his computer. It requires a degree of stealth (and technology) but if you’re up to it, here’s a link to a site which can teach you how http://sexygeekygirl.hubpages.com/hub/The-geek-girls-way-of-finding-out-if-your-boyfriend-is-cheating-on-you-and-who-the-bitch-is.

      Good luck?



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