iOS 7 is the most unstable, unreliable OS ever. #iOS7sucksballs

The white screen of death.

The white screen of death.

Yeah, I said it.

iOS 7 is unquestionably the most unstable, unreliable, defect ridden OS (operating system) that Apple has ever released.

I wish I were simply going for dramatic effect, as I am prone to do.

But I’m not.

Unfortunately (for Apple and Apple users) I’m serious.

Since I’ve had the iPhone 5s, which came preloaded with this garbage, and since I stepped up to iOS 7 on my iPad 2, I’ve experience more crashes than I care to mention.

Even though I’ve meticulously kept up with all updates, my devices seem to crash frequently.

I’m rocking 7.0.4, but I might as well be on a Windows phone for the frequency with which I find myself staring at the white screen of death.

It got so bad that I started keeping a crash log detailing the dates, times and activities I was engaged in.

To date, I’ve recorded several (although I’ve experience many more), to wit:

  • 11/24 @ 7:03 pm Facebook app crashed on iPhone
  • 11/26 @ 11:37 am Chat crashed on iPad
  • 11/26 @ 7:59 am Kindle app crashed (switching between Kindle and Chat)
  • 12/13 @ 6:16 pm MyTix app crashed on iPhone
  • 1/2 @ 10:48 am iTunes crashed on iPhone

I was just going to record these crashes for internal use with my team, but as I was tapping out a post in WordPress on my iPad, it crashed.

When I opened OmniFocus on my iPhone to add it to my crash log, the iPhone crashed too.

Back to back crashes on two different devices within seconds of each other.

I can’t make this shit up.

I was hot.

I started to post a tirade, blasting Apple’s latest OS as a drug-induced, hippie-hued useless waste of time.

But cooler heads prevailed, and I paused.

What would that get me (aside from jeers, cheers and a round of applause from jaded Android uses)?

Instead, I’ve decided to do an informal survey, asking folks about their experiences with iOS 7 to see if my experience is anomalous or par for the course.

I’m posing the following questions to Apple users and will post the results of my survey in a subsequent post.

Remember to click “Vote” after each question to have your answer tallied.

Your opinion matters, so please take the time to complete the poll, comment here, on Facebook or wherever you encounter this post/poll.

If you don’t answer the poll here, you can tag your responses with the hashtag #ios7sucksballs to be included in the survey.

My blog is so popular that WordPress will likely crash from the overwhelming traffic, so if you re trying to leave a comment with your responses, but are unable to do so due to system constraints, please try again later.

Now I don’t want to be a complaining complainatron, so here’s a link to an article from Digital Trends, with solutions to some of the more common problems with iOS 7.


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2 responses to “iOS 7 is the most unstable, unreliable OS ever. #iOS7sucksballs

  1. Levi Roberts

    I’d have to say what bothers me most is that not one but TWO of my iOS devices fail to charge after an update. Apparently the Apple community thinks I’m too incompetent to be taken seriously. “It’s not Apple’s fault, it’s YOURS!”…. Uhhh, NO! I’ve been using iOS since iPhone 2G thank you very much. My devices were happily charging before the update.

    To fix the issue on my iPhone I had to buy a brand new cable. I have yet to test the same with my iPad which is also no longer charging. I suspect a new cable will fix that issue too.

    And to answer any hot-headed folks, these are OEM Apple cables that CAME with the devices. They are NOT Chineese knockoffs or something of that sort. Apple branded cables that came with the devices no longer charge my devices! It’s that simple. I also had a spare Apple cable that no longer works as well.

    Like you said, I’m not making this up. I am seriously frustrated and infuriated at the customer support and bugs that would have Steve Jobs rolling over in his grave. Steve would of NEVER, I repeat NEVER let such a defunct product hit the market – EVER!! I miss you buddy.. Become a zombie if you must. Just bring me back to good ole’ usable products.


    • Say word! It’s almost laughable if it weren’t so bad. I had an issue with my iPad where a Genius told me that I had to take the device to AT&T because it was a SIM card issue. Mind you, AT&T told me it was a hardware issue first. When I finally went back to Apple, after AT&T switched the SIM, tested on a different device and confirmed for me it was the hardware, they were like “I don’t know why [the Genius] told you that. It’s clearly a device issue.” I wasted three days running around when it could have been resolved on my first trip.


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