Will Beats Music ‘beat’ the streaming music competition? Not with their technology they won’t.

UPDATE: I’ve reviewed the Beats app and you can check it out here.

Beats Music iOS

There’s a new player in the streaming music game, Beats Music.

Yes, Beats as in “Beats By Dre.”

Now at this point, I’d be telling you all about the ‘test drive’ I took of the app, and my general impressions.

But noooo. Beats Music isn’t that simple.

You see, I downloaded the app today, but getting up and running was anything but straightforward.

At the signup page, there were two options: “Sign Up” and “Log In.”

Beats Music Sign Up

I hit “Sign Up” as the service is new and I didn’t think I could use my MOG account.

After completing a few fields, I got a “Registration is Processing” alert.

Beats Music Registration is Processing

Processing? Am I being vetted?

So I took the other route and hit “Log In”.

What’s the harm right?

There was an option to login using either Facebook or Twitter.

Beats Music Log In Facebook or Twitter

I selected Facebook and after a few more pre-populated data entry fields, I got to a “You’re Almost Ready” screen, which I took to mean that I was almost done.

But noooo. Beats Music isn’t that simple.

When I hit “Submit” the screen kinda acted like it wanted to go on to the next step, but stalled.

I tried to click submit several times and several times the app almost did something, and then gave up.

Eventually, I got a “We’re Having Connection Problems.” message and gave up.

Beats Music We're Having Connection Problems.

So I can’t tell you whether Beats Music is any good or not.

But if you look at their website, it’s awesome.

Beats Music Site

It’s only logical that Dr. Dre brings his storied music brand to the streaming music arena.

Who better to help you curate the music thats playing on your Beats By Dre headphones than Dre himself?

Now I have no idea if Dr. Dre actually has anything to do with the introduction of Beats Music, but who cares?

Beats Music is actually a collaboration by Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine and Trent Reznor.

The fact is that you now have (yet) another streaming service for your iOS or Android device.

If Pandora, Spotify, iTunes Radio, et als aren’t doing it for you, theres a new player ready to disappoint!

And I say disappoint because unlike the other players, who offer ad-free and ad-supported versions of their streaming services, Beats Music has only one speed: premium.

That’s right. Beats Music is a pay to play stream service.

After the seven day trial expires, you’re going to have to fork over $9.99 a month for the privilege of spotty streaming service.

I’m sure it will be great to listen to a stream without those damned commercial interruptions.

That’s because one of Beats Music’s selling points is it’s music curation.

Unlike radio, whose music is determined by some music programmer, or most other streaming services, whose playlists are determined by some algorithm, Beats Music’s titles are curated by real people.

Allegedly, Beats Music employs a bunch of so-called ‘music experts’ to curate it’s playlists, which should mean a better listening experience.

That should be a welcome change to folks who don’t want bots telling them what to listen to.

I’d much rather have my music choices picked by a music nerd than a bot any day!

More important than the human music selection of Beats Music, is the heavy brand recognition that they’ve already built up.

If I had to put up money on who was going to come out on top of the whole steaming music competition, I’d have to go with the guys who have already proven themselves at getting folks ot part with their cash for substandard shit.

If you’re going to part ways with several hundred dollars for a pair of booty ‘branded’ headphones, it’s not a stretch that you’ll part with a few buck a month to listen to a ‘branded’ stream.

Now, I’ve yet to check out whether Beats Music is materially different from other streaming services, in terms of content.

I can say that Beats Music SUCKS in terms of technology because the damn thing doesn’t even work.

Perhaps the demand is so great that their servers are down – yeah that’s the ticket – and they’re overwhelmed with traffic.

Perhaps I will get an email and my registration will go through – one day.

Or perhaps not and I’ll be ignorant of Beats Music forever.

But if this snafu is illustrative of what the rest of the Beats Music experience is like – I’ll keep my $10, thank you very much.

Note to self: update this post if you do get an update from Beats Music.



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9 responses to “Will Beats Music ‘beat’ the streaming music competition? Not with their technology they won’t.

  1. Tony G

    I signed up for Spotify. So far, so good. I occasionally get skips on Sonos but the quality seems good and they definitely have more music than Beats. I cancelled my free three month ATT Beats subscription today. All the social stuff, the sentences, etc, just aren’t my cup of tea. Add to the fact that there’s less music, and the decision was easy.


  2. Beats Music, both the app and the web player, are pure shit. RIP, MOG. 😦


  3. Sounds good, and I am also struggling to login, however, I feel that it will be nigh-on-impossible to beat Spotify, (I pay for spotify premium… Best £10 a month I spend!)

    I’ll give the free trial a go, and then I expect to return to my spotify 🙂


    • So I got a registration confirmation today and have to admit that Beats Music is quite dope.

      The UI (user interface) is really good and navigating is quite fluid. It gets a bit wonky once you’re in a section as getting back home isn’t as intuitive as I’d like.

      But it will give Spotify a run for your money!


      • I’m waiting with baited breath! You’ve got me quite excited to try it now! Can’t wait to get my registration confirmation and take it for a spin haha!


      • Tony G

        I have had some time to play with Beats Music and for classical music it’s a no go. Operas and multi-disk works are all jumbled up with no rhyme or reason. Unless this is fixed, it’s off to Spotify. I really loved MOG and am so sorry to see it go.


  4. Tony G

    So far, lots of problems with Beats Music. Connection errors, login page unavailable on their web site, etc. I have the iPhone app and have used their web login and have been getting error messages more than 50% of the time. Not an auspicious start. I really loved MOG and am now thinking of giving Spotify another shot once MOG gets shut down.


    • Tony, thank for your input. I fear that this inauspicious start will be a defining one for them. Mind you, I tried to get set up using three (3) different devices: an iPhone 5s running iOS 7.0.4, and iPhone 4 running 6.1.3 and a Samsung Galaxy S III, running Android 4.0.4. I was unable to get passed the registration/log in step on any device. I’m not really a fan of streaming too tough, so it’s no big loss for me. But damn! Can a brotha get a test drive?


      • Tony G

        I also have a Sonos system. I linked my account and lo and behold all I get today is” there is a problem reaching the beats music server. Please try again later”. I never had these issues with MOG. Very frustrating and I agree, it will be a defining moment for them. Good discussion!


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