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A world without internet sucks. Sandy proves that Revolution is real.

I’ve been holed up at the Holiday Inn Express for the past few days.

Note to self: NEVER stay at a Holiday Inn Express again.

After almost 24 hours in the dark, I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am for heat, electricity and potable water.

But you know what I’m really grateful for?

The internet.

Wifi specifically.

When Sandy first hit creating the blackout and taking out my internet, I thought I’d be fine.

Both my phones were 4G LTE and my iPad was a 3G.

Who needs wifi?

But Sandy’s devastation took out cell towers too.

And my sanity with them.

If you thought making calls was challenging, getting on the internet using a cellular signal was virtually impossible.

If you could access the internet, trying to get anything to download was like Chinese water torture.

We’re not even going to talk about what this was doing to battery life.

I found myself despairing for lack of connectivity.

How would I survive?

Woe is me!!

Luckily there was a vacancy at the HIE, and I found my salvation.

But others were not so lucky.

As I turned on the boob tube, I saw Sandy’s true devastation.

Breaking news stories talked about people’s desperate attempts to keep their devices powered.

One station talked of one boy’s ordeal trying to get uptown to a charging station.

A charging station?

With no buses or subways running, there was little he could do.

He offered his two drained and useless devices, like Christ showing his crucifixion wounds to wary disciples, as proof.


I could watch no more.

I quickly turned the channel to reruns of the King of Queens.

That Kevin James is a hoot.

A world without electricity?

Sure you’re right.

What…are we going to descend into lawlessness?

Fight at gas pumps, loot empty stores and homes, and run amuck in the streets?

Wait a minute…

Who would have thunk that the creators of Revolution were really onto something?


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iPad Mini. iPad Jr. Whatever you are, just get here already.

I’ve been quietly watching from the sidelines to see what, if anything Apple is going to do with the iPad Mini.

So far, there have been (the standard) sightings of the Mini, leaked to the internet.

And oodles and oodles of speculation about what features will be baked into it.

To be honest, I can’t say that I’ve followed any of this chatter closely.

I’ve done that dance before.

Wait with bated breath, only to be let down when the <insert name of much anticipated Apple device here> actually arrives.

At this point, it’s just that I know how Apple does.

Why should the iPad Mini be any different?

We all know what the iPad mini should be.

But it’s unlikely that it will be what we expect.

I firmly believe that the iPad Mini should be a small version of the iPad.

It should be fully functional with all its current features intact.

That means, the iPad Mini should have: a forward and read-facing camera, wifi, 3G, essentially everything the current iPad 3 has.

But will Apple give us the device we expect?

Probably not.

It will most likely be like the original iPad.

You remember how disappointed you were when you opened up your iPad and realized that there was no camera.

But wait!

Here comes the iPad 2, with what?

Wait for it…

…A camera!


Why did do they do that to us?

Wasn’t the iPad really just a big iPhone?

Didn’t the iPhone already have 2 cameras!?

So why strip the iPad of what everyone assumed would have been a natural feature to include in the iPad?

Money, obviously.

But they’re not going to do that to the iPad Mini?

Are they?

Isn’t the whole point of the iPad Mini offering to compete with the other smaller form tablet devices in the market today?

Shouldn’t the strategy be to bake all the bells and whistles that devices like the Kindle Fire and Galaxy Note have?

Wouldn’t it be counter-intuitive to withhold features that consumers are already used to on the current iPad?

I got my son the Kindle Fire, and it really is a great device.

Now there’s the blown out HD version, which is a real step up in a number of respects for Kindle.

Higher resolution screen.

Faster processor.

More storage.

Additional ports.


They blew it out!

Apple would be wise to follow suit and go H.A.M. with the iPad Mini.

H.A.M.=hard as a motherfucker for my Kanye West challenged readers.

Unfortunately, experience tells us that Apple doesn’t always do what’s best for the consumer.

So while I’m interested to see the new iPad Mini, I’ve set my expectations very low.

Do I want it?


I’d rather have an iOS device that synchs with the rest of my Mac world, than some other device that doesn’t.

Will I be disappointed.


History tells us that Apple is notorious for putting out products that often fall far short of user expectation.

Apple should just release the iPad Mini and put us all out of our collective misery already.

But with a constantly moving announcement date, its unlikely that we’ll see an iPad Mini in the wild anytime soon.

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Apple, the iPhone 5 sucks! But I want it anyway.

I can’t front.

Yesterday’s announcement for the iPhone 5 was…lackluster.

There was no ‘ah-ha!’ moment.

At least not for me.

Not only was there no ‘ah-ha!’ moment, but I actually came away rather pissed off.

Perhaps my frustration is a bit premature, as I haven’t actually handled the new iPhone (for some reason, Apple has yet to send me an invitation to any of their events).

But let’s critique review all the new features anyway, shall we?

It’s taller.

So what, we get an extra 80 pixels.

Who cares if we’ll see an extra row of apps on the screen.

Especially if it means that all but the newest apps will be framed by some ridiculous black bars.

Elegant? NOT!

It’s thinner and lighter.

Thin schmin!

I recently got the Samsung Galaxy SIII and you know what?

Thin and light ain’t all that.

I personally like the weight of my iPhone 4.

It feels like I’ve got a real piece of technology in my hand, and not some toy.

It’s not like I’m going to get carpel tunnel from carrying my friggin’ phone.

It’s got 4G LTE.


Now if AT&T could just work it more places, all that extra speed would mean something.

But seeing that LTE icon instead of 3G will surely give some users a warm and fuzzy feeling, if nothing else.

It’s faster.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

Apple claims that everything loads 2 times faster, but is that true material?

Who stands around with a stop watch timing how quickly their apps and web pages load?

Will you even notice?

I doubt it.

Better camera.

Let’s be perfectly clear about one thing.


Sure, you can take quality pictures with it, but damn!

Once you start talking apertures, filters and light moderation, I start to feel like I need to take an Intro to Photography class.

Great. I can take better pictures. NEXT!

Longer battery life.

You’ll say anything, won’t you Apple?

Isn’t this something we hear with every new iPhone release?

But invariably, you’re slapping your phone to the charger far too frequently for any ‘improvement’ in battery life to actually make a difference.

New power cord.

Instead of everything being compatible with everything else, we’ve now got to remember to tote the new 8 pin connector.

Run out of juice and forget your ‘Lightning’ connector?

Oh well.

Good luck finding a compatible cord to borrow from other iPhone users.

Headphone jack at the bottom.

This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen.

I’ve always thought that headphone jacks on the bottom (or side) of any media device was poor design.

Apple has now joined the ranks of foolishness by placing a headphone jack in the absolute worst place imaginable.

Now I’ve got to drop my iPhone in my pocket upside down to avoid damaging the connection.

What does it all mean?

In the final analysis, the iPhone is starting to look (and feel) like other phones.

If the goal of the latest iPhone was to be like everyone else, they’ve certainly taken one step closer to achieving that.

I’m not going to say that the new iPhone is indistinguishable from other phones, but as one techie said to me today, “with the latest iteration of the iPhone they’re not too far off.”

But, I still want it…


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The NEW iPad is everything I’d hoped for…and more!

This is a screen shot I grabbed from ABC News' blog.

About an hour ago, the folks at Apple got to the part of the day’s presentation that I was waiting for, the new iPad.

Since I wasn’t invited, I’ve been following Sam Grobart’s (of the New York Times) live blogging from the event.

You’re doing a great job Sam!

I feel like I’m there!

First thing’s first.

It’s called, “The New iPad.”

Do these guys know how to name a product or what?!

Next, it’s got all the bells and whistles folks had hinted around plus a butt load more:

  • high-resolution Retina Display with 2048 x 1536 resolution
  • a more powerful processor – the Apple A5X quad-core chip
  • iSight camera, with a 5-megapixel sensor and face detection
  • Video recording at 1080p and image stabilization
  • Voice dictation (=Siri???)
  • 4G LTE wireless capability

Finally, it’s being released March 16th!

And pre-orders are being taken today…how much money do I have in my account?

So there you have it.

The New iPad will be here in 9 days.

Now who’s planning on camping outside of Apple to wait for one?

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