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Apple vs Google. Round 2


If you’ve been following the simmering battle between Apple and Google, you might have noticed Apple’s first volley.

Not too long ago, Apple announced that they were ditching Google Maps, which is called up by virtually every app on an iOS device that uses location, in favor of their own mapping program.

The much anticipated release of iOS 6 will include this little switcharoo.

And just like that, Google will be erased from several million devices.

More recently, though, Apple announced that it was eliminating YouTube from its devices as well.

And while the rationale for maps (Apple switching to its own map program) seemed like a logical business move, the removal of the YouTube app seems much more….calculated.

In fact, the move seems to support what many see as an active strategy to decouple Google from Apple entirely.

The debate between these titans smacks of the acrimonious relationship between Adobe and Apple, which resulted in Adobe’s permanent banishment from Apple’s coveted walled garden.

More importantly, it signals the drawing of the proverbial line in the sand, with Apple squaring off against Google in what is sure to be a heated battle.

If you’re a disciple of Apple, as I am, you already know that YouTube on Apple sucks.

I never, ever use it.

But that’s besides the point.

The real point is that removing YouTube begs the question: what’s Apple going to replace it with.

Apple has been buying up innovative little shops left and right.

And while I don’t recall a user-generated streaming video service being among them, it’s entirely possible that Apple has something up their secretive little sleeves.

Anyway, we’ll just have to stay tuned…

Perhaps iPhone 5 is really going to knock our socks off.

And Apple will change the game…


Round two goes to Apple.

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SoLoMo Profile: WeMakeCoolSh.it

The final company which will be presenting at ScenePR’s Starters+Startups: The Future of SoLoMo & You, is WeMakeCoolSh.it (whose name alone is cool).

I started my research on them, by once again, visiting their website, which is also very cool.

The WeMakeCoolSh.it website is way cool.

Being presented with a number of different thumbnails from which I could select, I opted for the top left box, where I learned about Matt+Mark, WeMakeCoolSh.it’s founders.

FYI, theses guys are BEASTS.

Their combined resumes are a veritable Who’s Who of agency luminaries, and include stints at Pepsi, Sony, Philips, IBM, Nike, American Express, DHL, MoMA, LEGO and TiVO (Matt) and R/GA , Organic, Tribal DDB, Ogilvy, Disney, CNN and Adobe (Mark).

From there, I headed back to the home page and clicked on the L Train Network box, which took me to the video where they talked about the pirate network they built for the L train in New York.

Since WeMakeCoolSh.it may be talking about their L Train project, I decided to dig a little deeper and check out more of the related content they offered on the site.

So I checked out the flyer they made to promote the L Train network.

This is the flyer that WMCS made to promote their pirate network.

I got lost on a few Sony Ericsson Xperia Studio videos, especially, this one:

After I perused a bunch of additional entries on their site, I decided to see if they had any apps in the iTunes app store.

They don’t have any.

But they have created two apps in the past (while with other agencies), one for Staples

This is an app created in a former (agency) life for the WMCS crew.

and another for XBOX.

This app isn't available any longer.

I looked for these guys on Facebook (and couldn’t find them) and on Twitter (and found them).

But I get that these guys ‘get it’ and won’t hold the failure to (be like sheep and) have a Facebook page against them.

I’m really looking forward to this presentation, and if I haven’t invited you yet, please try to come through and check out all the presenters on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 form 6:30 to 8:30 pm, at the Showbiz Store & Cafe, 19 W 21st Street, NY, NY 10010 (ground floor).

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