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Buy A Drink! A Night Out and Innovative Uses of Mobile

I’m at Room Fifty5 at Dream New York with Rich Burroughs. His boy Chris is on the tables. Qtip is bubbling through the speakers and Rich just hipped me to a brand he’s marketing that’s releasing mobile exercise gear. Timing seems to be catching up to me.

DJ Chris Mundy is doing something magical on those turntables! Check the energy coming off those joints!

I’m snapping flix of the DJ spinning with his Serato and shooting live video from my iPhone 4, and I’m hapy to be reunited with the device that singularly revolutionized the mobile handset market.

The iPhone has been souped up since I last had the pleasure of playing with one. I was rocking the original metal-back 2G, the last time I owned one, so I missed the advances of the 3G and 3Gs.

Having been banished to Metro PCS (not to bash – Metro got me through a rough patch!) a few years ago, I took a serious step down in my on-the-go capabilities even compared to the 2G.

I couldnt blog from my phone. The pictures I took were poor. Texting was cumbersome and unfulfilling. I mean, I had a decent phone in the Samsung FreeForm. It made (and didn’t drop) calls, but I couldn’t flex my social muscles at all.

But I digress, after getting some sick shots, I sat down to post them to Facebook, and I got a pop-up notice to my screen that said “BUY A DRINK!!” I was thoroughly impressed with Dream’s use of their internal network to reinforce the main objective: to sell drinks!

The instant I jumped on the hotel’s free WiFi (free WiFi is a must for any modern establishment catering to a tech-saavy clientele), they zeroed in on me, pushing a succinct message to my device. BRILLIANT!

From Dream we headed down to Tribeca to meet another of Rich’s friends, Jennifer, who was djing at Bubble Lounge.

Rich had received a text to his Android device, which contained a link to the invitation to the evening’s event. Clicking on the address, we were able to get turn-by-turn directions directly to the spot.

The DJ had just finished her set when we arrived, and it was unanimously decided that a new venue to continue the night’s revelry was in order.

She was rolling deep with a delightful crew of unusually attractive sisters (which I nicknamed the “Brown Sugars” – another story for another time), so I felt duty bound to accompany them. Honey, don’t read this part.

Another DJ friend of Rich’s was spinning at the Trump Soho on Spring street. I pulled up the hotel on my iPhone and we piled into our rides and sped over to catch the set.

Dude was dropping it like it was hot, and before I knew it, I got a reminder that I had an 8 am call with the President of my company.

Oh yeah, I was hired as the Director, Strategic Marketing for KiwiTech, a mobile application development firm. Holla!

So with my handy-dandy iPhone 4 in my chest pocket (close to my heart <3) I headed back to Jersey, with thoughts of more mobile adventures dancing in my head.

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