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You Oughta Be in Pictures. I’ve Got Movies On The Brain.

This week was all about movies.

I ran into Bobbito Garcia on the L train Thursday.

He’s in the final stages of completing his movie, Doin’ It In The Park, which chronicles the history of pick up basketball in New York.

If you’re not familiar with Bobbito, he’s been on the street ball scene for years.

In addition to being nice on the court, he’s also nice on the turntables, and on the mic (he’s been a sports commentator for years).

Doin’ It is a co-production with Kevin Couliau, his production partner, and is set to be released this summer.

Bobbito hit me with a flyer and sticker for his flick (love the fact that he’s still doing it hand-to-hand), and was out.

Two stops later, I’m talking to Olivier French, who is screening a short film he premiered at Cannes last year in the Short Film Corner.

Black Box will have it’s official NYC premier at the After Set Film Program at the Tribeca Grand Hotel Saturday, April 21st at 7pm.

If you can’t make it, you can check it out here:

And I’ve been talking to the folks over at Harlem Stage, as they prepare for their 30th Anniversary Gala.

We’ve been working with them to prepare the video component of the Gala, which will consist of vignettes of performances from artists, large and small, that Harlem Stage touched in their 30 years.

Here’s a mock up we created for Harlem Stage:

I’m still waiting to hear whether the project I’ve been working on has been accepted into Cannes this year, so stay tuned for more movie-related updates!

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Stephen Chukumba says: “Keep Your Crap Off My Lawn You Nasty M*th@F*ck!#”

Why do (some) people who own dogs fail to clean up after them when they poop on other people’s lawns? I mean really, is it that hard to scoop up a little sh*t when your dog has finished it’s business?

Keep your crapper off my lawn!

Keep your crapper off my lawn!

I don’t own a dog, but far too often I find dog poops on my lawn. I mean, WTF? Why am I bending down to scoop up the sh*t of a dog that I don’t own?

I’ve got kids for chrissakes! One day they’re gonna step in some dog doo and come tracking it into the house. Eeeeewwwww!

If I wanted to clean up dog sh*t, I would own a dog. But I don’t, so why am I cleaning up after someone else’s dog? More importantly, why is some nasty muthaf*cker letting their f*cking dog crap on my lawn?

I think the offending sh*t-leaver is this French woman who lives around the corner from me. She has a big ole dog, and I never see her with baggies-EVER.

She’s always jogging down the block (presumably away from the dump her dog just took), and although I’ve never seen her dog foul my lawn, I’m almost positive it’s her.

It would be like the French not to clean up their dogs. When I was in Cannes a few years ago, I saw all these ‘Please clean up after your dog’ signs (in French) all over the city. And I thought, ‘hmm.’

In hindsight, they probably put these signs up to get those nasty muthaf*ckers to keep all the dog sh*t from fouling that beautiful city.

But it also meant that at some point dog owners probably weren’t cleaning up after their sh*tty dogs, and had to take drastic steps to ensure compliance. These signs were literally everywhere.

I’m thinking about putting up one of those signs up on my lawn. Or perhaps I should sprinkle some anti-dog pellets.

Maybe I should just go and take a healthy dump on the alleged offender’s lawn.

That’ll learn her, nasty m*th@f*ck!#.

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Trade shows and more shows

I LOOOOOOVVEEEEE trade shows…and conferences…and conventions…and panels…and seminars…and I could go on and on.  I love them because they are usually in different places (different from where I live) and involve the exchange of information, networking and parties (I love to party).  I generally leave conferences energized and RFTW.  I haven’t been to anything since BESLA 2008 in St. Thomas, USVI, and I’m jonesing.

So I’ve got a tradeshow coming up and I’m trying to get my game face together.  It’s the CTIA Wireless 2009, one of the largest mobile conferences of the year.  CTIA occurs twice a year, once in California (either San Diego or San Francisco), and once in Las Vegas.  It’s a must-attend for anyone interested in the mobile industry.

Last year, I was featured in a video in the Mobile Industry Review, by Ewan MacLeod and I was quite a hit (apparently), considering how often I appeared in the video.  It was quite accidental, I walked back into our booth, and my boss turned Ewan (and his camera) on me and said ‘talk to him!’  This year, I’m feel like I’ve got to go above-and-beyond my previous output, lest my star fade or fall!

I’m quite excited to go, since I’ve missed a few shows this year (CES,  GDC, Mobile World Congress) and I will not likely got to the few upcoming events before CTIA (WMCSXSWLA Games Conference, Billboard’s ME Live!) – although I would reaaallllllyyy like to.  C’est la vie.

Hopefully I’ll catch a few of the larger shows throughout the balance of the year, like CMJ, E3, Ad:Tech, Cannes, NY Games Conference, and M3 (to name a few).  But who knows.

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