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Facebook Home? NOMHS (Not On My Home Screen)


You’ve heard of NIMBY?

The acronym that stands for Not In My Back Yard?

It was coined by residents of towns and municipalities protesting attempts to place waste processing facilities and other similarly undesirable development close to them.

Well Facebook’s latest initiative, Home, intends to place a “takeover” app on your phone that would essentially make Facebook your default home screen.

The Facebook Home family of apps would replace the standard home screen of an Android user with an “immersive Facebook experience” that includes Facebook status updates from your friends, Facebook notifications and full screen photographs.

Facebook Home would essentially allow you to push all your Facebook-related content permanently to your phone’s home screen, giving you the ability to make Facebook your go-to app for all things social.

The centerpiece of the Facebook Home app is the ability to chat and message with your friends without having to navigate away from whatever you’re doing on your phone at the time.

The Chat Heads feature (who names this shit?) displays the face of the person attempting to message you, allowing you to immediately pull up and respond to the chat thread, without skipping a beat.

Tap the head, post your response, and you’re off.

Nifty right?


Facebook’s Home is a handsome Trojan Horse.

They have been talking Facebook Phone for a minute, getting everyone all hot and heavy, thinking Facebook was about to get into the handset game.

But they pulled a switcheroo and dropped Home instead.

Essentially giving Facebook the benefit of another massive installed user base, with none of the heavy lifting involved in creating a phone from scratch.

By piggybacking on the Android operating system, which is already Facebook friendly, Home gives Android users (aka suckas) the chance to spend every waking hour with Facebook.

Without having to open and close the app to do so…

Because its always on.

Will the wonders of time wasting technology never cease?

While folks debate whether Facebook will use their new app to push more advertising or not (yes they will)…

Or whether Facebook will use their app to collect data on users or not (yes they will)…

I take solace in the fact that this foolishness is Android only.

Apple is not so enamored with Facebook that they’d give up all that precious real estate to an app.

I won’t have to worry about the time (and battery) black hole drain it will invariably cause.

And I’m sorry, Facebook simply isn’t that important.

Facebook Home? Not on my home screen. Bitches!


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