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So Stephen…where’s the iPad? A study in shame.

I have no iPad...yet. And probably won't for a minute.

I have shame.

Why? You ask.

Well 33 days ago, I trumpeted proudly how my network had pulled together to raise funds to get me an iPad for my 40th birthday.

Not just any ol’ iPad, mind you.

The 32GB 3G+WiFi in Black.

Thanks to the generosity of friends and strangers alike, I raised over $1000 for my iPad.

And although I haven’t collected all of it to date, I’d collected enough of it by my birthday to get my iPad.

All I had to do was order it or wait until the 3Gs were in the stores and go cop it.

In a perfect world, it would have gone down just like that.

But alas, mine is not a perfect world.

And 36 days after my birthday, I am still without an iPad.

I’ve encountered countless folks, who supported me, either in spirit or in cash, since the Great iPad Campaign, who ask the same thing, “How’s the iPad?”

And each time, I hang my head in shame and mutter, “I don’t have it yet.”

And here’s why.

A few days before my birthday, our dishwasher broke.

Called the repair guys over ($75 for the diagnostic) only to learn that the electric board was shot and the model was no longer in production (=Whirlpool no longer supports this model=buy a new dishwasher).

Oh. A new dishwasher starts at around $299.

Then the Jeep started taking in water.

Whenever it rained, water would pour in through grommets on the grab bar and pool on the floor of the passenger side of the car.

Sorry, Mr. Chukumba, but the car is out of warranty. We’ll require a $200 deposit, that will be applied to the cost of the repair. (Final repair bill $480.75)

BTW. The car still leaks. Chrysler, can we talk? What’s up with that?

Then little Fuji had a staff infection requiring prescription antibiotics, salves and creams, totaling almost $200 (and that’s with insurance coverage!)

And then there were the various and sundries that turned my little birthday iPad stash into the emergency fund.

You must know, but for my birthday stash-o-cash, some of these issues would still remain unaddressed today.

It’s a recession, and times are kinda rough.

But I don’t want folks walking around thinking they’ve been scammed.

So I’m posting this little update to address the elephant in the room.

But know ye this, I WILL HAVE AN IPAD (God willing), and I will (one day) tell you all of the joys of iPad ownership.

That day, however, is not today.

I am (unfortunately) too responsible to let my desire for baubles, gadgets and playthings, override my duties to the fam. Damn you Dede!

So if you see walking down the street, and I start to cry, each time we meet, walk on by…walk on by…


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