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Trade shows and more shows

I LOOOOOOVVEEEEE trade shows…and conferences…and conventions…and panels…and seminars…and I could go on and on.  I love them because they are usually in different places (different from where I live) and involve the exchange of information, networking and parties (I love to party).  I generally leave conferences energized and RFTW.  I haven’t been to anything since BESLA 2008 in St. Thomas, USVI, and I’m jonesing.

So I’ve got a tradeshow coming up and I’m trying to get my game face together.  It’s the CTIA Wireless 2009, one of the largest mobile conferences of the year.  CTIA occurs twice a year, once in California (either San Diego or San Francisco), and once in Las Vegas.  It’s a must-attend for anyone interested in the mobile industry.

Last year, I was featured in a video in the Mobile Industry Review, by Ewan MacLeod and I was quite a hit (apparently), considering how often I appeared in the video.  It was quite accidental, I walked back into our booth, and my boss turned Ewan (and his camera) on me and said ‘talk to him!’  This year, I’m feel like I’ve got to go above-and-beyond my previous output, lest my star fade or fall!

I’m quite excited to go, since I’ve missed a few shows this year (CES,  GDC, Mobile World Congress) and I will not likely got to the few upcoming events before CTIA (WMCSXSWLA Games Conference, Billboard’s ME Live!) – although I would reaaallllllyyy like to.  C’est la vie.

Hopefully I’ll catch a few of the larger shows throughout the balance of the year, like CMJ, E3, Ad:Tech, Cannes, NY Games Conference, and M3 (to name a few).  But who knows.

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