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Tech Advice: Go with the iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy gives you the cooties

The Samsung Galaxy SIII gives you cooties!

I am the de facto techie in my circles.

Even though I don’t have a technical bone in my body, I stay abreast of the goings-on in the digital tech space, and know a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’.

So I often am asked (and share) my opinion about this, that and the other, when it comes to technology.

Case in point: my 23 year old baby sitter is upgrading her phone.

She’s had a Crackberry Blackberry for two years, and she’s debating between the Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone.

The exchange went something like this:

Me: So do you like your Blackberry?

Her: No. I’m definitely over it.

Me: Well what kind of computer do you have?

Her: A MacBook Pro.

Me: (Incredulous) You’ve got a Mac and you’re thinking about going outside of the family? AND it’s cheaper? What’s wrong with you?

Her: I’m just really digging that big screen.

Me: You realize that both the iPhone and the Galaxy have way bigger screens than that Blackberry right? It’s going to be like pulling a flat screen TV out of your pocket.

Her: I know! And I like that. But with my trade in and upgrade, I can get the iPhone for less.

Me: So I’m not seeing your problem. You own a Mac. The iPhone is cheaper. You’re asking an Apple dude if you should go Apple or Android.

Her: I just like that Galaxy!

Me: So what? You’re just looking for a co-sign so you don’t feel guilty spending more money on a WACK phone? Get out of my house! You’re not welcome anymore!

Now that last part didn’t really happen, but I did go on to extoll the virtues of Apple and the integrated nature of its products.

I also lambasted Android and the ‘buggy’ nature of products running that OS.

But in fairness to Samsung, I told her that it was a good device, with favorable ratings, and lots of features.

I also talked about it’s large form factor, and how it’s size approached that of smaller tablet devices, making it an excellent device for anyone interested in owning a tablet but not wanting to have two separate devices.

In the final analysis, I told her it was really a personal decision.

Were it my choice, I wouldn’t be pulling a massive phone with a huge screen out of my pocket.

And then I remembered the first time I saw the Samsung Galaxy in the wild.

And I had to share.

I was on the PATH train headed back to NJ.

The train was packed, as is typical for after work.

I found myself standing next to over a smaller Asiany man, who pulled out his phone just as we started to pull away from the station.

I watched him swipe a geometric pattern across a series of dots to unlock his phone, navigate to his calendar, pull up a date and begin typing.



What a responsible fellow.

Donating his blood…wait…still typing…


Hepatitis B! WTF!

Let me switch cars right quick and get away from this dirty mutha…

Shut yo mouth!

I’m just talking ’bout Hep B y’all!


After that cautionary tale, I sent her off, hoping I had assisted her in deciding which phone to ultimately choose.

I felt good…and like I needed a shower…

But, hey! If you’re looking for assistance or advice, and it involves technology, feel free to drop me a line.

Perhaps I can help you avoid the cooties too!


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Stephen Chukumba says: “Take It To The Genius Bar”

An image I pray you never have to see on your screen.

An image I pray you never have to see on your screen.

Last night I experienced the blinking file of death on my MacBook. For the Mac uninitiated, it’s the image you see when you boot up your computer, which indicates that there’s a problem with your hard drive (and it usually means that all of your content is gone).

I tried to keep my cool and attempted every resolution under the sun to fix it. Restart. Restart holding the option button. Insert the install CD and restart holding the C button. Time machine backup. Macforum. Online support. Everything. But nothing worked.

After cussing considerably, both aloud and then under my breath (wife had fallen asleep mid-crisis), I resigned myself to the fact that I was no genius. It was time to call on the REAL geniuses at the Mac Genius Bar.

The Genius Bar is for me.

The Genius Bar is for me.

So at 1:40 am this morning, I made my appointment for 1:40 pm today, and I type this post (on my iPhone) sitting at the Genius Bar of the Apple store in the Willowbrook Mall, in Wayne, New Jersey.

This 16 year old kid confidently goes over the possible issues and resolutions, after listening (sage-like) to my frantic recollection of the night’s harrowing events, all the while plugging in an external hard drive to my defunct laptop (like he’s heard it all before).

He smiles as I recount all the steps I took to attempt to reboot the computer on my own (lest he think I’m some inept technophobe), and tells me that the hard drive appears to be intact (no scratches or defects), and that my baby (my word, not his) is going to be fine.

He recommends that I stroll through the mall for the next 40 minutes while the “archive and reinstall” brings her back to life, and I do.

40 minutes later, the smiling 16 year old hands me back my laptop, shiny and working, and all is well in the world.

As I complete this post (on my handy-dandy WORKING MacBook), I offer this one piece of advice: If at first you don’t succeed, take it to the Genius bar.

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Hats off to you BMW

As someone who talks branding frequently, I just had to share this photo of what is unquestionably one of the best advertising one-ups by a brand I’ve come across in quite a while.

There have been a few brand rivalries of note, fought on the advertising front:  McDonalds vs. Burger King; Pepsi vs. Coke; PC vs. Mac; Nas vs. Jay Z.  

I’ve never really thought of a rivalry between Audi and BMW as one of them (I’ve always seen the battle as between Mercedes Benz and BMW). But apparently, Audi has thrown its’ hat into the ring.

Audi’s shot over BMW’s bow, came in the form of a billboard, featuring the Audi 4 with the statement, “Your move, BMW.”

The billboard on Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles, was quickly followed up with BMW’s response, across the street, featuring a BMW 3 series under the sole word “Checkmate.”

Scorecard: BMW 1, Audi 0.


Well played BMW, well played.

Well played BMW, well played.

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