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10000 steps a day for free. Fuck Nike+ Fuelband. Quest for 27.

Reading this title, you’re probably saying, “this nigga must have ADD.”

Unless you’re white, at which point you were thinking “this negro must have ADD,” because you would never actually say “nigga.”

Even if you had a pass from Black people, or grew up with Black people and feel like you’ve earned the right to say ” nigga,” you’d probably still think “nigga” but say “negro.”

At least in mixed company.

Who knows?

I am so off message right now.

The point is that you’re confused by this title.

But you can relax.

I do not have ADD.

And a group of militant Blacks isn’t waiting outside your door (white person) ready to bust that ass for thinking about using the N word.

Let me elucidate.

I’ve been all intrigued by this whole Nike+ Fuelband movement.


If you’re not up on the Nike+ Fuelband, allow me to enlighten you.

The Nike+ FuelBand is an activity tracker that’s worn on the wrist and used with an Apple iPhone or iPad device to track your workouts.

Per Wikipedia,

“the FuelBand allows its wearers to track their physical activity, steps taken daily, and amount of calories burned. The information from the wristband is integrated into the Nike+ online community and phone application, allowing wearers to set their own fitness goals, monitor their progression, and compare themselves to others part of the community. Nike+ relies on the gamification of fitness activities turning all tracked movement into NikeFuel points, which can unlock achievements, can be shared with friends, or can be used to engage others in competition.”

In short, wear the Nike+ Fuelband and track your fitness progress.

But see, the thing about the Nike+ Fuelband is that it costs $149!

A hundred and fifty bucks to track my workout progress with some stupid rubber band?

Suck a dick.

You’re not getting my money bitches.

But I dig the whole Nike+ FuelBand concept.


I missed a critical point.

And no, this nigga does not have ADD.

Patience, Padawan.

Ok, so a few months ago, my little brother posted a picture of the 27 year old me, all cut and Adonis-like on Facebook.

Along with the caption, “Back in the day when I was young. I’m not a kid anymore, but some days I think I wish I was a kid again.”

Damn! I'm cut.

Damn! I’m cut.

Clearly alluding to the fact that, physically, I was no longer my 27 year old self.

And, by implication, challenging the new me to get back into the old me shape.

I’m not even going to talk about Dede Mays, the mother of one of my friends, who maligned me suggesting that the body I once possessed was a thing of the past.

Undaunted, I vowed to show them all.

But how?

I’m about to turn 44…carry the 1 and that means that picture was taken 17 years ago.

17 years ago!

When my testosterone was at it’s peak.

When I just thought the word “gym” and muscles would appear on my body.

When metabolism occurred in my sleep.

How could I prove my naysayers wrong?

And show them all that I could, in fact, reclaim my former Adonis glory?

Well for one, I’d have to hit the gym.


Work out like a beast.

Cut back on the carbs.

Avoid junk food.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

But that wouldn’t be enough.

I needed an edge.

Something that would put me over the top.

That would allow me to track my progress all day every day – not just when I was in the gym.

Nike+ Fuelband was the answer.

Slap on the band, and I’d become a exercise tracking machine.



I was not about the shell out 150 smackaroos to get in shape.

There had to be a better alternative.

So I started checking out fitness apps to see what the competition had to offer – for free.

And I found it.

It’s called Pedometer++ and it’s great.

Pedometer++ is an app that tracks how many steps you take daily.

Simply keep your iOS device on you, and the app tracks every single step you take and displays your step count right on the Pedometer++ app icon.

Today, I walked 6.4 miles or 12,953 steps.


I’ve only been using the app for three days, but it has tracked all the steps I took in the days prior to downloading the app.

And presently, I’m at 93% of my goal.

I wasn’t even aware that I set a goal!

But, needless to say, I’m getting my old ass in shape.

Peep these shots I’ve been taking on my journey to 27.

Good. Better. Best.

Good. Better. Best. Ladies, calm down.

As you may (or may not) be able to tell, I’m getting there.

Anthony Weiner selfies aside, I’ve been able to track my progress with Pedometer++ for free.

Sure, it’s no simple wristband, and I’ve got to keep my mobile phone on my person to have the app track my steps, but for me, it’s been worth it.

27 here I come!


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Black punk! AfroPunk takes over Brooklyn

Last night the fam and I attended the AfroPunk Festival at Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn.

The festival, which started yesterday, is a two-day music festival and skate competition, which brought together some of the hottest acts in the afro punk scene (and some of the illest BMX riders and skaters in the game).

The festival line up included Erykah Badu, Gym Class Heroes, Janelle Monae, Das Racist, Skindred, Toro Y Moi, Reggie Watts, Spank Rock, Ninjasonik, The Memorials, Bad Rabbits, Gordon Voidwell, The London Souls, Cerebral Ballzy, Phony People, and Body Language, among others.

AfroPunk 2012 was sponsored by Nike, Vitamin Water, and media sponsors The Fader and WNYC.

If you’re not up on AfroPunk, let me give you a short primer.

AfroPunk is a movement devoted to the Black Punk scene in America.

It’s start can be traced to the 2003 cult film Afro-Punk, by James Spooner, whose film highlighted the growing alternative universe that is the Black Punk movement.

Yesterday’s event was particularly special because last year’s concert was cancelled due to hurricane Irene, and even with the sporadic rain fall, cats were not deterred.

By the time we got to the festival, around 6:30 pm, the line to enter the park was almost a mile long!

There were two main festival stages, a skate park, vendors, and food trucks out the wazoo.

AfroPunk had a contest to meet Erykah by Tweeting #Afropunk.

The highlight of last night for me, by far, was Erykah Badu, who closed out the show.

Even though I was near the back of the park, and Erykah looked like a plastic figurine from where I stood, her distinctive voice and songs, were all I needed to get my party on.

The park was packed with folks of all sizes, shapes and colors, all grooving to Erykah’s music.

I’ve been attending AfroPunk events for years, and this was, by far, the biggest event they’ve produced to date.

It was really special to see how much this niche brand has grown over the years.

If AfroPunk still perplexes you, I’d suggest you check out their website, or their Facebook page, which includes a butt load of photos from the event.

Get your punk on!


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SoLoMo Profile: WeMakeCoolSh.it

The final company which will be presenting at ScenePR’s Starters+Startups: The Future of SoLoMo & You, is WeMakeCoolSh.it (whose name alone is cool).

I started my research on them, by once again, visiting their website, which is also very cool.

The WeMakeCoolSh.it website is way cool.

Being presented with a number of different thumbnails from which I could select, I opted for the top left box, where I learned about Matt+Mark, WeMakeCoolSh.it’s founders.

FYI, theses guys are BEASTS.

Their combined resumes are a veritable Who’s Who of agency luminaries, and include stints at Pepsi, Sony, Philips, IBM, Nike, American Express, DHL, MoMA, LEGO and TiVO (Matt) and R/GA , Organic, Tribal DDB, Ogilvy, Disney, CNN and Adobe (Mark).

From there, I headed back to the home page and clicked on the L Train Network box, which took me to the video where they talked about the pirate network they built for the L train in New York.

Since WeMakeCoolSh.it may be talking about their L Train project, I decided to dig a little deeper and check out more of the related content they offered on the site.

So I checked out the flyer they made to promote the L Train network.

This is the flyer that WMCS made to promote their pirate network.

I got lost on a few Sony Ericsson Xperia Studio videos, especially, this one:

After I perused a bunch of additional entries on their site, I decided to see if they had any apps in the iTunes app store.

They don’t have any.

But they have created two apps in the past (while with other agencies), one for Staples

This is an app created in a former (agency) life for the WMCS crew.

and another for XBOX.

This app isn't available any longer.

I looked for these guys on Facebook (and couldn’t find them) and on Twitter (and found them).

But I get that these guys ‘get it’ and won’t hold the failure to (be like sheep and) have a Facebook page against them.

I’m really looking forward to this presentation, and if I haven’t invited you yet, please try to come through and check out all the presenters on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 form 6:30 to 8:30 pm, at the Showbiz Store & Cafe, 19 W 21st Street, NY, NY 10010 (ground floor).

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You’ve Arrived! Tips on Setting the Stage

A large part of branding involves setting the stage.  Creating the environment within which the impression of you will be made is a crucial part of managing your brand, and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Which entrance more positively impacts your brand:  showing up at an event and stepping out of a Mercedes Benz or showing up at the same event stepping out of a hooptie?  Clearly, unless you’re a clown, stepping out of a Benz is the more impactful entrance.

Each day, we make entrances.  Whether its what we wear, our hairstyles or our personalities, the way we ‘arrive’ helps to shape other people’s perception of us.  Since our entrance or arrival is something over which we have singular control, it bears some discussion.

If you’re going to a function, for example, its best to orchestrate your arrival, presence and departure, in such a way as to create the proper perception of you.  You’ve undoubtedly heard of the term ‘fashionably late,’ which, as you might image, has its roots in the practice of not showing up to a function until most of the guests had already arrived, ensuring that the maximum number of eyes would be on the entrant upon their arrival.  The guest who bore this moniker was two things: (1) fashionable (what good would it do to show up looking shabby?); and (2) late.

On the flip side, its best to always depart from a social engagement, prior to the balance of the other guests.  Having ‘another engagement’ to attend, is a sure way to create the impression that you’re in demand (whether its true or not).  Its also useful to extricate yourself from uncomfortable situations (such as showing up to a function that’s crap, and not wishing to stay a minute longer).

Be sure to tailor your appearance so that its signature.  Wear unusual articles of clothing, a pocket square or ascot, for example.  If everyone is rocking Kangols, you wear a fedora.  If everyone’s in Nike’s, grab yourself a pair of Greedy Geniuses.  Stay fashionably ahead of the curve.  Now this doesn’t mean that you should drop duckets simply to rock the latest gear (because that’s not fashionable, is it?).  But acquiring a choice piece of apparel every once in a while, to augment your collection of signature pieces, is a wise investment in you.

Know your audience.  SunTzu, in The Art of War, advises that before engaging in battle, one should know the terrain upon which the battle is to be fought.  Make it a habit to check out wherever it is you intend to go, in advance.  Get a feel for the place.  Is it a resturaunt? What’s their Zagat rating?  What have other diners said about the food? Service?  What are their specials?  How does one get there?  You should also have ‘dossiers’ prepared if you’re going to be meeting people, and be familiar with their personalities, etc.  This is especially true where you want to make a particular impression, and need to assess how you’ll be received.

Setting the stage may require a little bit of work, but the returns on your overall impression are well worth it, so do it right!

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