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Dad’s First Rule of Parenting: Protect the Family

I frequently complain that there is no instruction manual for being a parent. I mean, we all have some innate parenting abilities (baby crying, go to baby) but some parenting skills come more naturally than others.

As I was making sure all the doors and windows were closed and locked last night, it dawned on me that parenting is not about the grand gestures, but the simple things we do: checking the doors and windows before you go to bed at night.

I started thinking about the myriad of little things, that, in the aggregate, truly make us parents: tucking them in to bed, reading stories, playing together. These little events create a rich fabric of experience through which children find themselves and develop.

Children thrive on security, so as I walked my beat, through the house, I came up with the first rule of parenting for dads: protect the family. Do what you’ve got to do to ensure their safety.

This doesn’t mean packing a Smith & Wesson, but it does mean that as parents, we take whatever steps are necessary to keep our physical (and emotional) surroundings free of hazards (both internal and external).

I’m going to compile a list of these little jewels and share them with you from time to time (I know my six readers can’t wait!).

My goal is to be a resource for dads (and moms, but mostly dads) so that the fellas get some parenting guidance too.

BTW Oprah, I’m available for interviews.


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