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Book Book is for the birds. Unless you want a cracked iPhone screen.

iPhone 6 Plus + Book Book = Cracked iPhone 6 Plus

I was soooo happy when my Book Book iPhone 6 Plus case first arrived.

You know, the phone case that looks like an old book from Twelve South.

I made several videos illustrating my unbridled glee before settling on this.

I had slits for my credit cards, a clear panel for my license and could hold a couple of dollars nicely.

There was no way to keep it closed, but laying on a surface, the cover stayed firmly on the screen.

After all kinds of iPhone cases – Otterboxes, bootleg LV wallet, Targus, this one, that one – I felt that I had arrived.

With the Book Book, I had stepped up my phone case game.

I’d matured.

My iPhone was nestled snugly in a case that protected it from the elements and looked stylish to boot.

Oh! The compliments I received!

Each new outing brought hordes of admirers, cooing at my case, remarking on the weathered look of my Book Book comme iPhone case.

My glee was short lived however, the first time the phone dropped.

My pride turned quickly to horror as my phone slid off my lap and (in slow motion) opened up like a small black bat taking flight.

But instead of darting off herky jerky, it made a beeline to the hard unforgiving ground, landing with a resounding slap.

Nauseous I reached down, confident I would see the telltale sign of iPhone owner neglect – the spiderweb crack.

Luckily, I dodged the bullet and my screen was intact.

I thanked the iPhone gods (Steve Jobs and Jony Ives) and swore I would never treat my iPhone so shabbily in the future.

But that exact same scenario has occurred no less than five more times since then.

Sometimes landing on a rug, or a shoe or car mat.

Each time face down, but intact.

Until today.

You see, today, it slipped out of my hands, as I was trying to navigate a subway turnstile.

I keep my Metrocard in one of those handy slits on the inside cover, and as I went to move through the turnstile, my forward momentum came to an abrupt halt.

Apparently, my Metrocard had not been read.

And as a result, my Book Book went flying, opened face down, and SLAP!

Everything went black.

I knew, I just knew that this was the end.

I had mocked the iPhone gods with my empty promises, and it was my day of retribution.

You’ve been in the NYC subway system.

There’s nothing soft about it.

I prepared for my accounting as I swiped my Metrocard (correctly this time) and stooped to retrieve my baby from the cold concrete.

Amazingly, no spiderweb.

Praise Jobs!

Wait…what’s this?


On the lower left edge.

A crack.


Like a hair caught in two places along the edge, forming an elongated reverse capital “C.”

Barely perceptible, but there nonetheless.

I cursed the culprit for my suffering under my breath.

Fucking Book Book!

At this moment, I realized what an absolute liability the Book Book iPhone 6 Plus case was.

Despite the mounds of empirical data I had to the contrary, I operated under the delusion that my phone was safe in the case.

Aliya King's Nightmare on Instagram

Aliya King’s Nightmare on Instagram

Not less than a week ago, I had told my girl Aliya King, that I felt her pain when she posted a selfie with her spiderweb sporting iPhone 6 Plus in what?

A Book Book.

What else?

I had even replied that I was going to swap my Book Book for an Otterbox or LifeProof for the very same reason.

Did I?


Do I regret it?


But more than regret, I’m angry.

Book Book, you need to either (a) increase the depth of the iPhone holder or (b) figure out a way to keep the case from flying open face down when dropped.

But either way you owe me a new iPhone.

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Gesturing vs Stylus: Getting the most out of your iPad (aka My Journey From Darkness)

Your finger isn't the only game in town!

I’ve been rocking the iPad for just over a year now and it’s definitely become my ‘go-to’ device.

Having put my iPhone through its paces for several years now, stepping up to the iPad was a welcome respite to the limited form factor of the smaller (and more restrictive) iPhone.

Anyone who uses touch screen smartphones, is familiar with using gestures to manipulate the device and access features.

Pointing, pinching and swiping are all but second-nature to most.

On the iPhone, your fat fingers sometimes prevent you from executing the exact operation you were attempting.

But on the iPad, you’re far less prone to shoot off an email, when you were simply trying to add another address.

By and large, gesturing on the iPad is an effective and efficient means of getting things done.

So it was with benign curiosity that I approached using a stylus.

One of my good friends (and technology sensei) was the first person I saw using a stylus with their iPad.

Mind you, dude was pecking furiously, tap-tap-tapping away, and I was struck by how intimately focused he was on what he was doing.

I was more transfixed by how fluidly he moved from thing to thing.

And his fingers never touched the screen.

It was all about the stylus.

Seeing me mesmerized (I think I may have been drooling) he paused, and turned his attention to me.

You alright, B?

I was drooling.

When I finally came to, we talked at length, about our respective experiences with gesturing, and he shared with me his perspective on the differences between gesturing and utilizing a stylus.

What made the greatest difference for him, was the precision that using a stylus afforded over finger-based gesturing.

We both agreed that although you’ve got more room on the iPad, and the layout and location of buttons are a significant step up from the iPhone, there are still times when the fat-finger syndrome stymies your attempts to perform one task or another.

The more he talked, the more convinced I became that using my fingers on the iPad was the equivalent of a caveman trying to chisel rock with a bone.

Right then and there, I knew I had to cop one.

And as if he read my mind, my boy reached over into his drawer, and handed me my first stylus…(I have chills thinking about this)…a black Targus.

I felt like I had been knighted.

And from that day on, I was hooked.


The combination pen/stylus Kensington.

I’ve run through maaaaddd styli (or is it styluses?) since that day, trying out several brands before settling on (what I consider to be) the standard, the Kensington (a stylus and pen combo).

Even though there are certain things you can’t do with a stylus, that can only be accomplished through gesturing, like five-finger swiping to switch between screens, the trade-off is definitely worth it.

I’ve turned several folks on to adding a stylus to their repertoire, and they are grateful for the hook-up.

If you’re up on styli, and have already adopted it’s regular use into your steelo, excuse my enthusiasm.

But I’m a strong advocate for helping folks to increase the utility of their mobile/computing devices and enhancing their overall efficiency.

So what about you? Gesturing or stylus? I’d love to get your feedback.

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