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Derric Rossy talks Chambers, Adamek and bringing the Heavyweight Championship back to the USA

Note: I wrote this post for Bang! Boxing, and will appear in their blog, The Weigh In, on their soon-to-be-launched website. But no use wasting good copy!

Derric Rossy is looking for another belt - Adamek's.

I just got off the phone with Derric Rossy, who is fighting Eddie Chambers for the second time on February 11th in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

This was my first time speaking to Derric, and I’ve got to admit, I thought I was going to be talking to a punch-drunk meat-head.

Imagine my surprise when the guy on the other end of the phone was articulate, engaging and (dare I say) funny!

The conversation was so good that at one point I forgot that I was conducting an interview, and stopped taking notes.

But I’ve managed to cobble together much of what we discussed and (with a little bit of paraphrasing and perhaps a mis-quote or two) here is our call.

B!         So I hear you’ve got a fight coming up. Who are you fighting?

DR       I’m fighting Eddie Chambers on February 11th in Atlantic City.

B!         What are your thoughts about the fight?

DR       Its going to be a great fight. I’m a different fighter from the last time we met.

B!         So you fought him already? What happened?

DR       Last time I fought him, I was more of a brawler, using my weight, trying to punch to win. I was an athletic kid, but Eddie was already a really experienced fighter. I was young and just trying to land big blows. He was more experienced and he beat me. I’m not trying to take anything away from him, but I wasn’t really prepared for that fight. He was more experienced than I was at the time.

B!         Do you think his extra 10 bouts make a difference for your upcoming fight?

DR       I believe I’ve caught up to him. As far as experience he’s still got more. But I feel comfortable.

B!         So what’s different between then and now?

DR       Well I’m more experienced. I know what to expect. I’m not just going to come out swinging because I know more about myself and my opponent. Eddie’s been in a championship fight before, so he’s definitely got experience, but in the time since our last fight, I’ve grown considerably, and I won’t underestimate him.

B!         In your opinion, who’s the toughest guy he’s fought against?

DR       It’s kinda of tough, because we’re all big guys, but his championship fight was probably the toughest. Vladimir was probably the toughest from a tactical perspective.

B!         How do you prepare for this fight?

DR       Since I’m fighting a tactician, this is going to be a chess match. I’m going to stay the game plan and do it methodically. When you’re fighting someone who is tactical, you have to be tough-minded enough to do what you’re doing. Don’t get caught up in the trash talking and get away from your game plan.

B!         I don’t mean to change the subject so abruptly, but I’ve got to talk about this. We see you’ve called out Tomask Adamek, what’s up with that?

DR       (Laughs) Yeah, I called him out. I think it’s a fight that people want to see.

B!         You said more than that, and I quote (so we can be clear): “I’ve been trying to get a fight with you since you asked me to not come back to your training camp after we sparred; I’d love to show the world exactly why you asked me not to come back.” What did you learn when you sparred him?

DR       I felt like I was putting it on him a little bit. Sometimes ego get involved. I’m not a sparring partner. I’m a guy here to make sure we both get better. I’m not just going to give you the upper hand. Not like some of the other guys who let him get over on them. It’s an ego thing sometimes. I think they thought that “this guys not worth having here.” Basically, I feel like I was giving him more work than he wanted.

B!         When you sparred with him, what did you see? What did you learn about yourself?

DR       The fact that I’m in there with a guy that’s as experienced as Adamek, means that I can stay in there with him. I have confidence in myself. I felt that literally, I’m my own man and I can fight with anyone. I was holding my own.

B!         How many rounds did you spar with him?

DR       Maybe sparred 8-10 rounds.I helped him out when he was going against Golotta, but when he was training for Vargas I didn’t get called back. Three weeks to the fight he didn’t ask me to come back.

B!         Did you feel that sparring with you helped him prepare for those fights?

DR       He was definitely in shape for both of those fights. He definitely has a great work ethic. Got him in great shape.

B!         Have you heard anything from him or his people?

DR       Nothing official yet, but we’re reaching out to them.

B!         What do u think about your chances for fighting Adamek?

DR       Don’t get me wrong, I have respect for him and what he’s done. But getting a fight with him is not far fetched. He wants to prove where he is. And a fight with me would allow him to do that. A fight between us would mean non-stop action, not a bunch of big guys just plodding and moving along. It would be an exciting fight.

B!         If you were to take Peter’s spot in April would you be ready?

DR       If things go the way that I want them with Eddie, then I’ll definitely be prepared to fight in April.

B!         Let’s just say you defeat Eddie, you get passed Adamek, what’s next?

DR       The Klitchko’s of course! And the sky’s the limit. We want to bring the heavyweight championship back to the USA. I feel like the USA is starving for a heavyweight champion. Boxing was run by the US heavyweight for the longest time. Every US heavyweight’s object is to go bring those belts back.

B!         If you were to fight in Poland, that would give Adamek a real advantage, fighting for a home crowd. How would you over come that?

DR       It all comes down to what you do in the ring. It’s all in the mind. You get over that home court advantage by taking his will, which would take away any advantage of where the fight is fought.

B!         What are Adamek’s weaknesses (if any)? How would you exploit them?

DR       I can’t give that away, because overall he’s a good tactician. But I think I can be a little quicker than him and get a little advantage in that area. It won’t be an obliteration. But I feel like I have a few advantages in a few areas that I can use until I can’t anymore (laughs)  He’s got the experience. He knows how to maneuver and adjust, and you just keep adjusting.

B!         How do you plan to combat the fact that you’re not well known? Shameless plug for B!’s PR services!

DR       I’m under the radar, but I’ll combat that by beating Eddie Chambers and taking on Adamek. It comes down to winning and winning decisively. You’ve got to beat the people that are going to catapult yourself ahead. Everyone loves a winner. You’ve got to go out there and beta the people that are in the spotlight, there is no way around it. That’s where you get the proverbial overnight success.

B!         Eddie Chambers prediction for the fight? KO? Going the distance?

DR       That’s going to be a tough one. I’d love to say first round knockout, but I respect the guy and I know he’s going to come into the ring ready. But we’re going to win – definitely a ‘W’.

B!         Best of luck to you on Feb 11.

DR       Thanks.


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Is NJ the Future of Boxing?

Note: For those of you unfamiliar with the fight game, you can stop reading now, and rejoin me next time. I’m about to go a lil’ deeper into boxing than you may care about. There’s also this space-time continuum thing as I flip back and forth between two events involving the same people, so stick with me if you can.

Yesterday, I attended the press conference at Global Boxing Gym, for the upcoming Tomasz Adamek versus Michael Grant fight, taking place Saturday, August 21 at the Prudential Center, when I ran into NABF title holder, Maureen Shea.

I had originally met the female boxer from the Bronx at another Global Boxing press conference a few weeks prior. At that time, she told me that she had an upcoming fight in Saratoga Springs, NY.

I joked that if she was really a boxer she needed to (and I quote) “knock a b*tch out” for me.

FYI. Maureen stopped Liliana Martinez at 1:18 in the 3rd with a vicious left hook to the body. Go Moe!

Maureen was one of the many people I met at Main Event‘s press conference announcing the (then) upcoming fight between Zab Judah and Jose Armanda Santa Cruz.

I was the guest of Michael Havaien, Global Boxing’s President and resident speed and agility trainer.

As I sat back, listening to Kathy Duva announce the various boxers, trainers and managers on the dais, I was amazed that boxing had so firmly taken root in New Jersey – in my backyard, and I (like most of us) had been totally unaware.

You (like me) probably have never heard of Global Boxing and don’t know who Maureen Shea is.

To be honest, when it comes to female boxing, all I know is Laila Ali.

But I have three words for you: Million Dollar Baby.

Yes. The Academy award winning film featuring Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman and Hilary Swank.

Apparently, Maureen was Hillary Swank’s trainer for the movie, and she converted the actress into a believable boxer in a few months (which is why most people call her ‘The Real Million Dollar Baby’ – but I digress).

Anyway, in addition to being a guest at the press conference, Maureen also (kinda) trains at Global Boxing, and we talked about the work she was putting in for her (then) upcoming title bout.

As we talked, I learned that she had also filmed an episode of MTV’s Made, where she took a high school ballet dancer and made her tough.

She is also an on-air jock, providing fight commentary on Breathe Boxing Radio.

Considering everything I heard, I was amazed that I had never heard of her.

But I learned quite a few things that day.

For example, Global Boxing (as quite is kept) is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

What didn’t exist over six months ago, is now one of the largest professional boxing and mixed martial arts training facilities in the tri-state area.

Global Boxing’s founder, Mariusz Kolodziej (‘MK’ to his boxing friends) is positioning himself as the premier matchmaker, generating both main events and undercards for his fighters.

At yesterday’s pre-fight conference, I was impressed a the throngs of people packing the room, and Maureen’s quiet acceptance of her new title holder status.

As we talked about Brand Shea (sounds good right? I just made that up) and her plans for the future, she was repeatedly asked to sign autographs or take pictures with fans.

Women, who approached her, complimented her looks. She was rocking a dress by Bebe and a set of pink heels by Sergio Rossi.

And the fellas (and fellow fighters), offered their congratulations.

By the time I left, I vowed to do two things: 1. Get up on my boxing; and 2. let the world know that NJ is about to become the new boxing mecca.

I’d suggest you stay tuned, and see what else comes out of Global Boxing and Maureen Shea.


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I’ve been on hiatus (not really)

I haven’t made an entry to my blog in over a month.

Its not that I haven’t thought about it, or that I didn’t want to.

My issue was that I had so much to talk about, I didn’t know where to start.

And you know what they say about inertia…

But today I’ve resolved to just sit down and type, until I got it all out of me.

I’m thinking the best way to do it is to start with the most recent stuff, and work backwards.

All you’re getting are sound bites, and hopefully, at some point, I’ll get around to elaborating.

So, without further ado…


Last night I attended the Midnite show at S.O.B.’s. If you’re not familiar with Midnite, you should be. They are one of the hottest Caribbean reggae artists out today.

They played some classic tunes and well as new music, and as they went through their set, I felt as if I were communing with the music, swaying back and forth (or side to side) as part of one large rhythmic body.

I totally forgot I was supposed to be checking out their performance (my first) and assessing how their brand could be further leveraged. But DAMN! their music was good!

Check out some video from their last S.O.B.’s visit.

Third World

For the past few months, I’ve been working with Third World band’s management to produce a number of different on and offline projects.

It started with the Third World simulcast of their rehearsal at Circle Studios in Miami. Over 7,700 people tuned into the live stream on iNation.tv, which featured special guests, such as the incomparable Tessanne Chin.

Currently, we’re working hard to get their digital store, the Third World Digistore, up and running in anticipation of the August 10th release of their 22nd studio album, Patriots.

We’re also working on the video for the remake of their classic, 96 Degrees in the Shade, featuring Stephen and Damian Marley.

Check out a live version of 96 Degrees in the Shade.

Global Boxing

My good friend, Michael Havaien, is the president of Global Boxing Gym, a state of the art facility for professional boxers and MMA fighters, located in North Bergen, New Jersey.

He recently invited me to two press conferences, preceding the Zab Judah (vs Jose Armando Santa Cruz) and Tomasz Adamek (vs Michael Grant) fights.

We’re working on enhancing the overall digital signature of the Global Boxing brand, focusing on their young up-and-coming fighters, which include 21 year old Brooklyn native Adam Kownacki (5-0, 5 KOs) and (potentially) Bronx native and newly crowned NABF champion Maureen Shea (15-2).

Check out a clip from the Adam Kownacki vs. Yohan Banks bout. Spoiler alert – someone gets knocked out!


As many of you already know, we’ve been working tirelessly on the United States Congressional campaign of Vincent Morgan, who is in a historic race against the embattled Charles Rangel.

We’ve redefined Vincent’s online presence, and provided ongoing support to all of his digital efforts, including the development of branded video pods, the production of offline events and the creation, management and support of various social media and mobile initiatives.

With the primaries rapidly approaching September 14, I anticipate getting a tad busier.

Check out one of the RapidFire series pods:

A Restless Media Musical Showcase

We’re planning a musical showcase featuring Meta & The Cornerstones, Malik Work, Zing Experience and Radical Revolution, at one of the meccas of music in NYC, Sullivan Hall.

We’ve got DJ Twilite Tone on the ones-and-twos, and all kinds of special treats in store for our guests.

If you’re in town on August 15th, please stop in.

Oh yeah, its also summer, and the kids are home. So things have been hectic on the home front too.

I don’t want to blame my hiatus wholly on work. I’ve had a little bit of fun too.

My sister-in-law and her husband invited us to Martha’s Vineyard to stay with them in a lovely five bedroom, four bathroom house in Oak Bluffs, two blocks from the beach.

It was really nice to get away (even though I jumped on my laptop a time or two).

But I’m back to the grind!

So hopefully, you’re all caught up and I’ll be able to get back to writing on a schedule.


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