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Find My iPhone: Tales of a Lost and Found Device

My friend Sanford Biggers just told me a story I have to share about an experience he had with his iPhone.

He looks intense...but he's just looking for his phone.

As an artist, educator and musician, Sanford is constantly on the go.

A member of the Apple nation, his trusty iPhone 4G is constantly on his hip, wherever his travels take him.

On a recent trip, while working on his laptop in the lobby of a high end hotel (the wi-fi in his room was terrible – we won’t go into that), he forgot his iPhone and ten minutes later, when he returned, it was gone.

He asked around of the guests in the lobby, but no one in the lobby or on the hotel staff had seen his iPhone.

Nor had it been turned in.

He had to leave early the following day, and it hadn’t been recovered by the time he left.

Over the course of the next few days, he tracked his phone with Apple’s Find My iPhone feature.

Lojack for your phone!

For the next 72 hours, he watched as his phone traveled from the hotel to a neighborhood a few miles away and back.

Occasionally, he would send a message to the device, asking the individual who had custody of it, to call him, to no avail.

Each time it showed up on Sanford’s iPad as being at the hotel, he would call the hotel and inquire as to whether the device had been returned.

But over those three days, it wasn’t turned in.

Finally, he sent correspondence to the owners, relating the incident and the steps he had taken to recover the device.

In his correspondence, he included the Find My iPhone history, detailing his iPhone’s movements and pinpointing the exact neighborhood of its current custodian.

Based on the pattern of movements, the device was clearly in the possession of someone who either (i) worked at, or (ii) frequented the hotel on a daily basis.

Suffice it to say, a cross-check of employees disclosed the identity of the unscrupulous culprit.

Sanford’s iPhone was recovered and delivered back to him in Manhattan.

As he recounted the story, we chuckled heartily at the shock this individual surely must have felt, as the hotel’s security knocked on his door demanding the iPhone’s return.

But more than that, we were thoroughly impressed with the utility of the Find My iPhone feature.

I realize I’m a geek being excited about the ability to find my iPhone, but if you’ve ever misplaced your device you know how great this little feature is.

The one scare, I had with my iPhone, occurred when I was leaving the Apple Store on 5th Avenue, after I first copped my iPad.

The store was jam packed with folks all trying to get their Apple on, and in my effort to speak to a customer service rep, rifle through my bag for my wallet, and talk about the different options, I laid my phone down.

And completely forgot about it after the sales rep walked me through my purchase.

Gleefully, I left the Apple Store, relishing my latest acquisition…while my iPhone lay abandoned and alone on some counter top.

When I frantically returned to the store, someone on staff had seen the abandoned device and taken it into custody.

I hadn’t even activated the Find My iPhone feature yet, and but for the good people at Apple, I would have been took!

Anyway, Sanford’s story reinforced yet another reason why I am such an evangelist for Apple devices.

They do things that other devices don’t do.

I’ll take being able to find my phone over Flash any day!

If you haven’t yet, make sure Find My Phone is activated on your device now.

Although I may have read something about requiring iCloud to activate this feature, I’ve been able to get by with just my old MobileMe credentials.

But you may have to take a walk on the dark side (i.e. iCloud) to get it popping now.

In any instance, if you used Find My iPhone to recover your device, I’d love to hear your story.


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Calling All Sugar Mommas (or Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy)

Pimp C

Pimp C

Like everybody else, I’m broke. If you’re not broke, and this doesn’t apply to you, whoopdie fucking doo! Stop reading now, and I’ll commiserate with my broke brothers and sisters.  Let the church say ‘Amen!’

Anywho, being the resourceful man that I am, and having a ride-or-die-bitch by my side (and for all you who may be offended by my use of the term ‘bitch,’ wifey is MY bitch, so get over it!) we’ve been talking about the different ways of getting our hustle on to make ends meet.

The Man is not too keen to have me work on the side, during business hours, so whatever side hustle I got, can’t compete with my 9 to 5 (major no-no). But in reality, without devoting at least some daylight hours to another endeavor, making more dough becomes a virtual impossibility (or at least a Herculean task).

So the wife and I have been pondering what kind of work is out there that (1) will not conflict with the 9 to 5; (2) doesn’t require day light hours to conduct; and (3) will make the kind of bread we need for it to be worth my while.

And then it came to us! Turning tricks! Of course!  How could we have been so blind. We can sell our butts on the street and make all the extra cash we need! Now the only question is which one of us are we going to put on the track?

Being the chivalrous man that I am, I’ll never ask my wife to toil. (Translation: there ain’t no way some dude is running up on my piece! No-sir-e-bob! Shut that shit down right now!)

I just need to step up to the plate and take one (or many) for the team.  That’s right, I’m putting myself on the track. (I won’t even be enjoying myself, banging all these broads, because I’ll be working)

Now, if I’m going to peddle my man package, I’ve got to set some parameters, like price.  What do I charge these ladies for a roll in the sack with Nigerian Thunderclap? I’m no cheap lay, I can assure you.  Take one look at wifey’s credit (but that’s a different story for a different time).

Anyway, we’ve been going back and forth on this price thing. I say I’m worth at least $1,000 a pop (why are you laughing?). The wife (aka Straight Pimpin’) thinks I’m trippin’ and in today’s economy, we’ve got to consider what the market will bear. She’s thinking a few hundred dollars a pop should suffice.

I say that if we set the bar too low, we’ll attract the wrong element, and how would that look for business?

She says, if we have no takers cause I’m too expensive, we’re right back where we started.

Bump her! I’m looking for some sugar mommas.  Cougars, widows, MILFs, women with philandering husbands, powerful CEO worked-so-hard-they-forgot-to-get-married-and-have-kids-but-are-rolling-in-the-dough-and-need-a-boy-toy-to-spend-it-on types, I’m hollerin’ at all y’all.

The store is officially open for business. I’m setting appointments.

If you’re hot, have dough, and are in need of some detached raw (wild, not jimmy-hat-less) non-committal sex, I’m your guy.

But if you’re hard on the eyes, but rich (c’mon you know you’re aesthetically challenged), we can go out to eat (I’m a great conversationalist). But no hanky-panky. I’ll happily sport you on my arm as you take me shopping.

Can’t you just hear them now…’oh look at that fine young thing with Mrytle..I can’t imagine what he sees in her!’ Money bitches!


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